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“Start Small, Think Big” is a practical approach to RFID adoption. You certainly need a vision of where you want to be and what is possible with RFID deployment across the enterprise. However it’s rarely a big bang approach entailing purchasing readers for every dock door and portal in your warehouse based on a quote. Its identifying incremental phases where you as a company can learn what RFID can provide and what its limitations are – then scaling from there.

There are a number of practical applications where RFID will benefit your organization. It may involve purchasing one or two readers and picking areas of opportunity where current data collection methods are not working (or simply not even in place).

Innovative thinking is the key to applying RFID technology to improve existing business processes and Stratum Global’s RFID Initial Solutions Design is a great place to start.

Start Small... Think Big...

A Phased Approach To An RFID Implementation 

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