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Gaining operational excellence in the Yard is often more difficult than a traditional warehouse environment with the lack of organized racking systems and in most cases, odd sized product and assets. Some have considered GPS for visibility however the price tag was simply too expensive. TagNet's RFID platform can provide that visibility more efficiently and cost effective to meet your goals.

Key approaches for an RFID Yard solution can include:                           RFID Reader Enabling Approaches:

- Receipt and Put away of Raw Materials                                                     - Fixed Gate Portals                   - Integrated PLC's

- Automate Pick, WIP & Inventory Management Lifecycles                          - Dock Doors                              - Overhead Cranes

- Event Management & Notification With Movement Rules                          - Yard Trucks and Lifts               - Hand Held Operations

- Finished Goods Tracking

- Automated Stage & Ship

- Synchronous Enterprise Integration

- Asset Management

- Reporting

In The Yard...

RFID Productivity Outside Your Four Walls
logistic, storage, shipment, industry an
Inside Your 4 Walls

Increasing efficiencies from raw material, through WIP, to the warehouse and on to the truck...


In The Yard

Real-time operational tracking driving increased accuracy and productivity...


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Supply Chain

Improving the operational efficiencies working with your Customers | Suppliers...

In The Field

Remote inventory control, asset management, delivery routes and field inspection...

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