Flexibility For Strategic Process Execution

TagNet is Stratum Global' s integrated enterprise RFID software solution designed for scalability. This suite consists of modules that support both small and large implementations.

RFID can provide your organization with significant value through cost reduction and increased efficiencies. AssetTrack is a family of functional modules residing on mobile handheld RFID readers designed to address specific use cases while communicating with TagNet Server wirelessly in real-time or via offline synchronization.

Base AssetTrack associates reusable RFID tags dynamically with meaningful and unique object identifiers found within your enterprise systems such as products, assets and personnel. Once linked, subsequent identification via AssetTrack or fixed TagNet Server read zones will provide meaningful data about those objects, as well as enabling automated inventory transaction capabilities. Base AssetTrack communicates wirelessly in real-time with TagNet Server.

The Physical Inventory module enables formal physical count procedures via RFID with auditable asset identification. Asset information resides within TagNet Object repository with integration to any Enterprise Asset Management System. Physical Inventory operates in offline mode and synchronizes with TagNet Server wirelessly or via a docking station.

The Geiger Counter module enables finite locating of tagged assets with audible and visual clues when the object(s) in question has been found. Geiger Counter operates in offline mode and synchronizes with TagNet Server wirelessly or via a docking station

The Warehouse module enables container aggregation (e.g. case-to-pallet) prior to shipping as well as general warehouse put-away and other inventory transactions. Warehouse module communicates wirelessly in real-time with TagNet Server.

AssetTrack Foundation

Physical Inventory


Warehouse Management

Inside Your 4 Walls

Increasing efficiencies from raw material, through WIP, to the warehouse and on to the truck...


In The Yard

Real-time operational tracking driving increased accuracy and productivity...


In The Field

Remote inventory control, asset management, delivery routes and field inspection...

Supply Chain

Improving the operational efficiencies working with your Customers | Suppliers...

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