Pilot Programs

Making a Smaller Investment to Prove Out The Process...


Stratum Global believes that "Starting Small and Thinking Big is the way to RFID success within your organization.  Whether you’re meeting a compliance deadline from one of your trading partners or looking to provide more value in tracking Work In Process production in a closed-loop system, developing a plan that allows for multiple wins during the implementation while providing a good return on your investment is the best methodology. For those organizations that are not sure where to start with RFID, a production "Pilot" approach is the best way to move forward.

Stratum Global provides an RFID implementation methodology that is designed for expert assistance in co-developing a Pilot program with your RFID team. Our team of RFID Engagement Managers and support Engineers are here to assist you in leveraging your investments in RFID and insuring that your phased approach will meet the needs of your organization, on-time, on budget and to plan.