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TagNet is Stratum Global' s integrated enterprise RFID software solution designed for scalability. This suite consists of modules that support both small and large implementations.

Utilizing an RFID Event Management engine, TagNet Server deploys to your platform & database of choice providing the core business logic and Object repository of the TagNet Suite. Supporting Passive, Battery Assisted Passive and Active technology.
TagNet's Reader Management module enables configuration of RFID read zones including remote monitoring and diagnostic capability of your RFID hardware (physical readers) infrastructure. With read zones configured, existing business applications (such as an ERP or WMS) can subscribe to tag events using user-defined integration adaptors & filtering criteria found in the TagNet Filtering & Collection module. Custom reader behavior can be configured for each read zone such as GPIO (sensors, lights, PLC, etc.) as well as digital camera integration.
Additional functionality includes tag printing & commissioning, a comprehensive location management module and the object repository which can store Product and Asset information for standalone operation or synchronized with your enterprise systems.
TagNet was developed and is valued based upon the scale at which your business requires RFID. A single TagNet software footprint supports multiple business applications & Industries.

Reader Management

Object Repository

Rules Based Engine

Event Management

Location Management

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