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On-Going Support

The Stratum Support Team is Just a Call or Click Away...


The foundation of our support program choices offers you industry-leading service and comprehensive support to resolve your issues quickly. Stratum Global provides you:

Call Center Support—access in-depth technical knowledge from Stratum Global RFID technology and application experts. 


Intelligent Support Technologies—achieve faster problem resolution through Stratum Global’s Remote monitoring support technologies.

Engineering Support—physical installation of RFID infrastructure requires expertise with respect to antenna orientation and tag placement on goods. Our RFID support engineers have experience with multiple Hardware manufactures to assist you in growing your RFID infrastructure.

Post Implementation Support — even though your RFID system is live and implemented. Stratum Global RFID specialists are only a phone call away for any questions that might arise during your daily operation. 

Continuous Software Development—you'll receive rights to future software releases including the latest technologies, industry best practices, and new product features.

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Inside Your 4 Walls

Increasing efficiencies from raw material, through WIP, to the warehouse and on to the truck...


In The Yard

Real-time operational tracking driving increased accuracy and productivity...


Chicago | 773-930-3165

Denver | 303-730-7343

Supply Chain

Improving the operational efficiencies working with your Customers | Suppliers...

In The Field

Remote inventory control, asset management, delivery routes and field inspection...

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