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Industry Standards & Compliance

The RFID Marketplace is Growing Rapidly.

In the consumer goods and retail sector alone, new inter-company RFID projects will push the limits of today's global data synchronization (GDS) network. These RFID initiatives require new technologies and standards — grouped together as the EPCglobal Network — to manage the depth and breadth of RFID data.

EPCglobal, Inc.

EPCglobal is leading the development of industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in today’s fast-moving, information rich trading networks. We are a member-driven organization comprised of leading firms and industries focused on creating global standards for the EPCglobal Network™. Our goal is increased visibility and efficiency throughout the supply chain and higher quality information flow between your company and its key trading partners.

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Inside Your 4 Walls

Increasing efficiencies from raw material, through WIP, to the warehouse and on to the truck...


In The Yard

Real-time operational tracking driving increased accuracy and productivity...


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Supply Chain

Improving the operational efficiencies working with your Customers | Suppliers...

In The Field

Remote inventory control, asset management, delivery routes and field inspection...

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