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Timely inspection and maintenance of capital assets is crucial to most businesses today.  Whether assets are in within your facilities or in the middle of nowhere, the process is often manual and is typically a difficult and labor intensive effort for most organizations.

Maintaining The Health of Your Infrastructure 

Inspection Reporting is a highly flexible rules based workflow application that enables RFID field inspection of any type of asset via RFID. The rules engine resides on  Stratum’s TagNet Server and enables an administrator to configure a very specific workflow of questions (known as Prompts) for an inspector to act upon when inspecting a given asset. These prompts enable the configured decision tree that given a response to a prompt, will trigger further questions to the inspector.  Based upon the inspection responses, Inspection Reporting will invoke the proper action such as instructing the onboard camera to take a picture, send an email alert or text message to a supervisor.

Having visibility to fixed assets, inventory or any other object readily available on a mobile device can provide valuable information to any organization.

Location Information for Assets

Corrective Action Alerts

Configurable Inspection Templates

Visibility to Scheduled Maintenance

Easy to use for Field Staff

Integrated Photo Capabilities

Supports Cellular, E-Mail & Texts

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